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Masterclass: How to Land a Mainstream Book Deal without a Huge Following

In this 60-minute no-holds-barred Master Class, Amber Cabral - author of Allies and Advocates (Wiley 2020) interviews Wiley Press Acquisitions Editor Jeanenne Ray about the current state of publishing and what editors are looking for in new authors.

Amber shares her personal experience of attracting a book deal, fast-tracking the writing of her book, and an overview of the publishing process from contract signing to book in hand. Jeanenne breaks down her role as an acquisitions editor and how she discovers new authors.

You’ll learn:

  • What it takes to attract the attention of a mainstream publisher
  • The major steps and a typical timeline of the publishing process
  • What an acquisitions editor is and what they’re looking for
  • How much your social media following matters to landing a book deal (hint: the answer may surprise you)
  • The two key things you need to have in place in order to communicate your viability as an author
  • A three-step process to pitch yourself to publishers and begin the book deal conversation 
  • The minimum number of copies publishers want to sell each year, and the number one thing that tells a publisher whether you can move books
  • Why you shouldn’t feel intimidated if there are already a number of books on your topic, and how “a crowded field” can sometimes be a good thing in publishing
  • The role of authors, agents, and editors in the publishing process 
  • When publishers would be willing to buy the rights to self-published books

And more!